Heirloom Apples

Heirloom Apples


We offer several varieties per week. Beginning in September, shipping until Christmas. Apples will be packed approximately 5-7 days after harvest. Please refer to the charts below for varieties and approximate harvest dates.


Approximate Harvest Dates

  August 25 Gravenstein

  September 11 Pink Pearl

  13 Cox's Orange Pippin

  13 Cortland

  13 Ribston Pippin

  17 King David

  19 Orleans Reinette

  19 Mutsu

  30 Grimes Golden

  October 4 White Winter Pearmain

  4 Ashmead's Kernel

  8 Calville Blanc

  8 Spitzenburg

  11 Roxbury Russet

  12 Golden Russet

  15+ Arkansas Black

  15+ Winesap

  15+ Wickson Crabapple

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